Lucy Novak

Lucy’s first started dancing at the age of 9, learning Scottish Highland dancing in Wangaratta. Quickly, Lucy realised her passion for dance and started to explore other styles. Lucy then started Zumba classes, which lead her to commence dance classes in her home town of Myrtleford.

Lucy started dancing at Total Synergy when she was 11. She has been trained in all styles but has a passion for Hip Hop. As soon as Lucy did her first comp, she fell in love with being on stage and performing for an audience. 

In 2015, Lucy joined TDA Performing Arts, which she felt provided her more opportunities and room to grow as a dancer. While at TDA, Lucy was able to grow her skill set by learning more styles such as tap, ballet, contemporary and musical theatre. While at TDA, Lucy was apart of their competition teams and also competed as a solo performer. In 2018, Lucy got the chance to travel to America, where she danced at Disney World and on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line in the Bahamas. 

Over the years Lucy has done workshops with Travis Wall, Paul Malek, Yvette Lee, Josh Horner to name a few.

In Year 12 Lucy’s love of dance spread throughout her studies as she combined her passions to directed and produced a dance film titled 'Reborn Beauty'. Her work won Best Artwork in her school expo and was also nominated for the Mocktail Award at the Martini Film Awards.

Currently, Lucy is studying a Bachelor of Film, TV and Animation at Deakin University. In 2020 Lucy got picked to be a part of Deakin Universities Premier Hip Hop Team and plans to audition again in 2021.